Go BIG or go HOME!

Well, I have gone and done it now. I have decided that it is time to put up or shut up. I have ordered 25 copies of the Highway to Hell books, will order 15 copies of the Diaries of the Damned, and have just bought myself a booth at the Weekend of Horrors convention in Oberhausen, Germany.

The event is Europe’s premier and largest horror gathering, and the perfect place for me to go pedal my wares.

Weekend of Horrors

Now, I may be getting in completely over my head, but what the fuck. Broke is broke, so what difference does it make. At least I’ll be going down swinging.


5 thoughts on “Go BIG or go HOME!

  1. Alex, my friend, you will do great there! You belong among such a group, and much bigger. I wish there was some way you could put up a sign that says something like, “Fans predict this author is the next Stephen King.”

  2. Now we just cross our fingers that everything arrives on time. I will keep you posted from this end when I get confirmation that the books have shipped. Best of luck! You will do fine!

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