Two Conversations I had at Work this Week

This post is just a small insight into the workings of my mine and proof at how prolonged exposure to me can easily lead to mass insanity.

Conversation One:

I remarked that even if walls do have ears, they don’t have a mouth so who are they going to tell.

This lead to a conversation that ended with us agreeing that, if walls had ears, the floor / ground would be the mouth. That would make us nothing but pieces of masticated sustenance,, That our lives were simple the result of a cosmic giant chewing. Aging was is merely the result of us being ground down but giant teeth. Death is us reaching the stomach, finally being swallowed by the giant creature that is life. This naturally resulted in us agreeing that human decomposition is nothing more than us being digested by the cosmos.

That came about because one of our software developers came up to me and asked if he could ask me a question.


Conversation 2:

Global Warming is an attempt to put Starbucks out of business thanks for a plan laid down by people in the past, having seen the future and taking a severe dislike to coffee.

The thinking being that, the people at the Boston Tea Party, through their tea overboard with the plan being to turn the ocean into a large cup of tea, meaning people everywhere, the world over would always have access to tea, thus removing the need for Starbucks and other coffee houses. The only flaw in their plan was that the tea is too warm for iced tea, but too cold for a real cup. So, they traveled back into the future, created global warming in an attempt to boil the oceans and create the tea with all of the  crates they secretly kept under the oceans, planted there over generations but a secret society intent on making tea the only drink in the world.

I can’t remember how we got onto that conversation, but I think it was because i was asked if I would be in the office this coming Friday.


It’s only a silly little post, but it is the truth, no word of a lie. My head is a strange place at times.

5 thoughts on “Two Conversations I had at Work this Week

  1. Just a thought, but would that mean when we’re passed as excrement that we’re reincarnated and begin the life cycle again? And if part of us remains stuck in the teeth does that mean we exist in multiple time streams at once as clones or twins?

    Sorry, I’ve been having one of those days, Freaking Giants. lol

    1. That could explain Deja vu. Just the bits of us that were stuck in the teeth and swallowed later catch up, thus creating the feeling of having been there before. Bits that get plucked from the teeth or stuck in the beard of mother nature are created over new when crapped back into the world, but can never shake the feeling that they are incomplete somehow. ::)

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