Cover Reveal: The Jellies (A Short Story)

It is that exciting time again. I have a new short story coming out any day now. The Jellies, is a horror story as part of the 666 Series from my publisher J Ellington Ashton.


The 666 series is an innovative and exciting in-house project, or rather, series of projects. This on revolves around six individual stories, and one common theme; Sea Monsters.

This horror tale is about a group of rich friends who find themselves stranded at sea after their yacht catches fire and sinks. Battling the elements and a fast approaching storm, they soon realize that these are the least of their problems. A far greater danger lives in the water. A new evil has been woken, and it is hungry. Will they find salvation? Dry land to escape the monsters? But what if….

There is no escape, no safety. Are their days numbered? Well, I won’t say, I don’t want to spoil the fun.



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