Playing Away from Home Again

Once again I am playing away from home. Today, my words of wisdom (or at least misguided overconfidence) can be found at the home of Louise Wise.


I am kicking off horror month in style talking about the limits of writing horror, and how pushing the boundaries is the best way to keep the genre alive … or undead, however you want to look at it.




When creating anything that is going out into the public domain, there is always that question of, The Line. That imaginary boundary that limits the artist, that keeps them within the borders of the socially acceptable.

Luckily, I’m a horror writer. I truly believe that horror is the last genre to be unhindered by boundaries. There is not one idea or story that could not be successfully written about in a horror novel. There are no taboos when talking about horror. Sure, as a writer we would all have our own personal limits. Certain stories or plot twists that we would not use. That does not make it a boundary through, not in the sense of what is acceptable to the public. Horror should, in varying measures, terrify, sicken and disturb. It should make people shudder and to want to shut the pages, avert their eyes and thing of rainbows and unicorns. That is what makes horror so great.

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