A Return from the Grave, New Releases and General Hilarity

Hello, I am still alive, do not fear.

Smell, what smell?

Oh that. Yeah, that’s another body, not mine. I have a few authentic – almost – skeletons hanging in the cupboard, but don’t worry. I’ll dispose of them before you come for dinner.

I promise to post with a little bit more regularity in the coming months. It has just been a crazy busy time for me recently, and so much has happened it was impossible to keep up with everything.
Suffice to say, a recent house move, from a rental to a mortgage, occupied a lot of my attention, but now that this is done, I can get back to the normal schedule.

On that note, what better way to re-enter the blogging world by announcing that I have two releases coming up. Yes, TWO.

My zombie series, Diaries of the Damned is coming out in compendium form, which means you can read the hidden story that runs through each tale in all is continuous glory.

That launches this coming Friday, and my debut short story collection, ‘Within Asylum Walls: Volume 1’ is coming out in a matter of days also.

I have 4 more releases after this this year, along with three anthologies and two joint writing projects with other authors within my publishers, J Ellington Ashton.

So I am sure you will be sick of the sight of me again in no time.

However, for now, while the euphoria of my reappearance is still clouding your minds, let me share my two covers with you. Just to whet your appetite you understand.

Also, and let me put this in bold – for the fun of it – Whoever shares my work the most on launch day either via wordpress, or facebook, twitter, etc – stand the chance to win FREE copies of my books. obviously you will need to tag me in all social media posts, but that I am sure you already knew.

Within Asylum Walls

Diaries of the Damned - eBook cover


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