An Interview with Paul Flewitt, Author of ‘Poor Jeffrey’

A great interview with an awesome author.

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When I first met Paul, I was impressed with the knowledge he has on Horror and  the Art of Writing, and  we had many great conversations on the subject, so when I heard he had a Book out, I just had to do an Interview with him, and introduce him to all of you.

Where are you from originally?

Sheffield, Yorkshire, North of England

Where do you find yourself these days?

I live in Sheffield still

You just had your book released, is that correct?

It is!  My debut novella “Poor Jeffrey” has been available on Kindle for about two weeks now, paperback coming very soon.

Can you give a sneak on what your Book is about?

At its core, it is a good old-fashioned horror story.  I suppose its themes are grief and what lengths it can push people to, it is about the friends you have in school, it’s…

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