Launch Day: Revolting Tales – by Christopher D. Abbott and Todd A. Curry

When I first met Christoper D. Abbott. it was a moment of pure chance. The man I met soon became a good friend, and his writing is, without any hesitation some of the best writing I have ever read. Christopher has a way with words that is hard to find. His debut novel Sir Laurence, Dies is proof enough. Now, with Revolting Tales, he and Todd A. Curry have taken a step into the horror world, and I for one cannot wait to read this book!

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Deep in the very depths of Hell, where billions of souls are eternally enslaved in perpetual torment, you’ll find Lou, the master of the underworld. Meeting him for the first time, in an endless assortment of hideous and ridiculous clothing, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was almost benign. Don’t be fooled though, he takes his job very seriously. There is also Sandra, his personal enigma.

Sandra assists him in devising revolting and terrifying punishments for the most heinous of offenders. So when Sandra hands Lou the daily list of specials, Lou can’t help but get excited. On the list are some very naughty people that require his personal attention.

Lou believes, quite rightly too, his attention should be considered an honour…


Warning: This book is NOT for children. It contains graphic and descriptive scenes of blood and gore alone with sexual content – it’s called Revolting Tales for a good reason…


You can buy it in both eBook and paperback formats, below you’ll find links to them for the USA and the UK. You can also buy it direct from the printer (Createspace), the link is below.




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Amazon US:

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