MJ Summers – An Author With an Exciting Future Ahead of Her

Every now and then, you stumble across a writer whose words manage to say so much more than the mere sentences they create. MJ Summers is a talented young writer who is just such a person. Her debut novel “Break in Two” is currently tearing up the charts on Amazon, and should be on everybody’s Christmas wish list. I was delighted to have the chance to share this interview with you all, and sincerely hope to have the chance for a good chat with her in the near future.

MJ, let me start by congratulating you on the release of your book “Break In Two.” What originally drew you towards writing a book?

A) I read my first erotic fiction novel in April and loved it! I read a few more and thought, ‘I bet it would be a lot of fun to think of my own fantasy world and just get lost for a while’. I have a dirty mind, an active imagination so I decided to give it a try. The characters and the story just flowed out of me as quickly as I could type.

mj-summersQ) What makes you a great writer?

A) I don’t even really consider myself a writer yet, so I definitely wouldn’t say I’m a great one. I’m someone who wrote a book. It’s an entirely different thing. Maybe someday I’ll be a writer.

Q) As a writer what do you find inspirational? 

A) Wow. That question itself could inspire an entire novel. Like most people, I find inspiration everywhere. In writing this story specifically, it was the human struggle to find love, to learn to accept ourselves and appreciate our own beauty. I think women especially have trouble with this – I know I do – and I wanted to explore that for myself. What makes us insecure? Jealous? The answer isn’t all the more beautiful women out there. As I wrote, I think I figured it out and it surprised me. I don’t want to give the answer here because it would be a spoiler for anyone who will read the novel.

Q) I can’t wait to read the novel that I may have just inspired you to write! So how did you approach the concept of writing a book?

A) With this book, I had an idea for how to start the story and what I wanted the two main characters to be like. I knew what they had both been through before meeting each other and how things would end but the rest of the story unfolded before me like a movie, in scenes. I could see it all in my mind as I wrote.  The needs and wants of the characters created the actual plot.

Q) What is the key ingredient of a “great” book in your opinion?

A) Characters that you can relate to, care about and learn from, great dialog, a compelling story line and seeing a character transform by the events that unfold.

Q) So, what are your opinions on the independent writing world? How have you found it, so far?

A) I’ve found it exhilarating! We’re extremely fortunate to be living in an age when independent writers can find an audience. The community has been so supportive and amazing so far. The ability to connect with people around the world in an instant for feedback and support is incredible. The fact that one can make their own way and not have to fit the mould set by a corporation allows for true creativity.

Q) I have an important question here for you. Many people believe that a writer doesn’t have to promote a book. Is promotion important to you? Do you embrace the whole process?

A) Undoubtedly. How will anyone know it exists if it hasn’t been promoted? That would be like hiding a diamond in the rainforest and expecting people to find it without a map.

(The next part of the interview process is a word analysis test. I will say a few words and you will say the first things that come into your mind… This could be interesting!)

What does a bar of chocolate taste like to you?

Like sex feels – delicious.

A drop of rain falls from the sky—what do you think?

Oh good! My perennials need a drink.

How does a cloudy day make you feel?

Like I want to curl up in a cozy chair and read.

How do you define your book by genre?

Contemporary romance

How does blog touring make you feel?

Nervous and excited.

How many times have you rewritten a line to try and get the right feel for it?

Maybe twenty. The last paragraph of the book was my toughest. I wanted it to be perfect and it took a lot of rewrites, leaving it for a while, coming back the next day and rewriting again to get it.

Do you like to write with music? Does that help you concentrate?

All the time. I wouldn’t say it helps me concentrate, but I would say it helps me feel.

Do you feel the writing world is full of negativity or positivity?

I believe it’s full of positivity. People have been so encouraging. It’s a wonderful community of people who want to grow and learn as writers and it really seems like people want each other to succeed.  It’s lovely really.

Thank you for your time, MJ! This has been a truly wonderful interview and I hope we can do it again sometime. MJ will be on tour promoting her new book “Break In Two” for the next few days. You can catch her on blogs across the internet. 


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