The Ever Turbulent World of Alex Laybourne

Well, my life, as with all lives, is very often anything but simple, and smooth sailing is never truly in the forecast. But, that’s how I like it. I like to unpredictable, I enjoy a challenge, and sure, sometimes I have an afternoon where I want to throw my dummy out of the pram and stomp, shout, threaten to jack it all in and walk away. It never lasts long, and in some strange way seems to increase my focus on the tasks at hand.

As I am sure many people will know, I had a rather acrimonious split from one of my publishers. I shall not name names, and out of respect for other still involved there, I will not go into details other than to say it was harming my career to stay there, and leaving when I did was the only way to avoid permanent scarring.

The main downside of his is that everything I had published with them, has now been removed.

* Diaries of the Damned – all 9 chapters and the compendium

*The Jellies – a short story

*Pound Lane Stories #1 and #2 – my first dabble with erotic horror.

*Within Asylum Walls – a short story collection which includes the Jellies as part of the contents.

So, currently, I have just 2 published works to my name Highway to Hell and Highway to Hell: Trials and Tribulations, and an anthology from CHBB called Cirque D’Obscure.

For a few days, this really bothered me, resulting in the aforementioned dummy throwing. However, I had a few good friends on hand to give me a good hard slap, and get me back on track.

I walked away from something that would have killed me, and now I am in a position to re-launch myself, and m career, under my terms. So this is my plan. It’s a long-term one, and I fucking love it!

The great folk at CHBB (Crushing Hears Black Butterfly – their imprint Vamptasy) are publishing three collections of my short stories (Musings of a Hideous Mind Volume I, II, and III) in November (15TH) December (13th) and January (10th) so that will give me a great chance to manage the rebuild of my platform.

So what do I have planned?

I am currently working on getting the Diaries of the Damned re-launched. I have no fear of this not happening, it is done, and ready to go.

I am readjusting my short story collection ‘Within Asylum Walls’. I plan to turn it into a novel, with short stories contained within it. The premise being that the stories are all told by various patients visiting a psychiatrist. Shown a Rorschach Test and asked to say what they see, their answer is the short story. Each patient is spoken to and their file noted. At the end of the collection, the doctor addresses them all, and they are committed to the Asylum. These characters who told the short stories, will then become the main characters in the Within Asylum Walls: Volume II which will be a full length novel.

I am also working on my erotic short stories, combining them into one novella. It won’t be obscenely long, probably only 20k or so, but at least something with a little more substance, a little more me!

My vampire novel is currently in edit stages and I am really looking to flesh it out. It stands at 56,500. Not long I know, but that is just the main story line. I am now working on fleshing it out, introducing he secondary plots, etc. Having added 2k in the first three chapters, and with the scenes I want to add in on top of everything else, 70-75k is a reasonably target.

After that I still have another novel which is finished and waiting for edits. It’s around 75k, but needs to stay that length to fit with the theme of the book.

My main writing focus after reworking the above is definitely Highway to Hell III. I have so many ideas and possibilities rolling around my head for it, and I am actually very nervous about starting it… but in a good way.

As you can read, I certainly have enough to be getting on with, coupled with my day job that will be taking me to Dublin next week for 4 days, fingers crossed to Canada for a week in December and California for 2 weeks in January, and the odd bit of interviewing and freelance writing work that I take on, I certainly won’t be bored. I promise to even pop in here every now and then and leave a few words of wisdom for you all.

Thank you.


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