Embracing the Change – Altering a Mythology

This is a question that has bee gnawing away on my brain for a little while now.

I am currently writing a vampire novel, because I believe as a horror writer there are certain creatures you must write about. Vampires, Werewolves, etc. The traditional horror staples if you will.

I am now in the editing / fleshing out stages of the above mentioned novel, and the question of vampire lore is becoming more and more relevant. In the majority of novels I have read, Vampires are social creatures. By which I do not mean they like to have a pint and play darts on a Friday night, but rather, they live in groups, families, clans, nests, name it what you will. They feed and multiply at will. Yet my novel goes down a slightly different road. The key thing being that Vampires are solitary animals, and can only turn one human in their lifetime, their mate.

It is during this ‘mating period’ that they lose their immortality.

The story itself is not shocking, I am not pushing too many boundaries or  that many taboos in it, so the main approach I have taken is the change in vampire culture.

One thing I don’t ever want, is to be mundane. To rehash something. I firmly believe that there is a new angle for everything, and from the majority of vampire books I have read, their clan based nature seems to be the one consistent element in their mythology? In my eyes that makes it ripe for change.






6 thoughts on “Embracing the Change – Altering a Mythology

  1. Sometimes change can be a good thing. if i remember the legends right, they were initially solitary and didn’t have “family units” until Bram Stoker came along so it could be looked at as going back to the beginning so to speak. I love the idea where they can only turn one human during their lifetime. That’s a nice twist, especially if something goes wrong. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  2. Change is good and we all could benefit from some better vampire books out there. As long as everything makes sense and it’s well explained, change is good.

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