Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volume 1 – OUT NOW

Yes, I have just launched another book, although technically it is only my third published title given that I pulled so much the other day.

The Musings of a Hideous Mind is actually the first collection of stories I ever wrote. They span a number of years in their creation, and despite going through re-edits this year, the main structure of the stories has remained unchanged.

It is the first in a trilogy of anthologies, withe the second and third installments coming out in December (13th) and January (10th), all through Vamptasy Publishing, part of Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly Press.

The collection is now live on all Amazon sites (.com and links below), so please, feel free to share the links, tweet and reblog if you feel so kind, and of course, you can always follow the links and grab your own copy today for just $1.99

Musings 1 cover – –




A scream built build in her throat but its escape was cut off by Nathan’s lips as they covered her own. His tongue caressed hers, and ran its way over her teeth. He released her hand but she didn’t notice. Not until he placed both hands on her stomach, and began to squeeze. Not roughly, but rather as if he was checking a melon for ripeness.


While this was going on, the Reverend dropped his bible; it fell to the floor already spackled with crimson. He turned to run, but tripped over his feet and fell from the raised platform. He landed heavily on his side, with a cry of pain. His left shoulder dislocated on impact. He managed to scramble to his feet, while the grass turned to a bloody mud pool around his ankles.


“It’s time Honey, just stand here with me and welcome them,” Nathan said, briefly holding her in a faux loving embrace. He held her head in his hands; they were cold and rough, the complete opposite of the hands that had held the large diamond ring, which had spent the last 14months decorating the fourth finger on Leslie’s right hand. He held her head firmly in place, a mad Cheshire cat grin on his face. Around them, the blood rain continued to pour, falling in liquid drops and clotted lumps, which matted their hair and stained their skin.


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