Spotlight On: Mark Tufo





What is your latest release and what genre is it?

Zombie Fallout 7: For The Fallen. Is Zombie a genre? Horror then, maybe post-apocalyptic. Screw it, romance, those sell well.


Quick description of it.

Basically it’s about a man, Michael Talbot, that will do all in his power to protect his family and friends during a zombie invasion. Or he is a Scottish Highlander wearing a kilt, time-traveling to save all manner of women in distress.


Something unique about it.

Besides the kilt? Sorry. Okay I tried to write this from the perspective of someone who is and every man. He does not have access to military grade weapons, he is not a martial arts instructor. He is not rich or have an underground bunker. He’s basically an average guy trying to find a way to survive while the world throws more and more…

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