Spotlight On: Alex Laybourne

A spotlight post on …ME!


2013-06-24 Me

SPOTLIGHT ON: Alex Laybourne


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

The release I am talking about today is Highway to Hell. It was my debut horror novel, and while the second installment of the trilogy is out now also, you really need to have read this one first.


Quick description of it.

A group of strangers die in the opening pages, to find themselves trapped in the various torture chambers of hell. Punished in varying lengths of time, in unimaginable ways, they are forced to face the sins of their life. From hating ones in-laws and infidelity, to being wasteful with money and the means which one has at their disposal, the individuals are worn down, until they have no option but to repent.

Cast deeper into hell, where eternity awaits, they are rescued by a group of angels and for the first time, the…

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