Highway to Hell is just 99 Cents though December. The sale is on now! Do you dare go to Hell this Christmas?

“Highway to Hell” is a great achievement, very ambitious and fortunately successful in its complex structure that had me guessing and wondering from the beginning.” – Christopher Fischer

“What I found most intriguing about Highway to Hell was its extraordinarily vivid and grim depiction of hell, its chambers, its demons, and, of course, its seemingly endless and ever more brutal tortures. Before reading this novel, I had a vague idea at best of what kind a place hell may be. Now, I not only feel as if I’ve been there, but it’s as if Alex Laybourne took me on a guided tour that’s been more etched in my memory than many of my real travels.” – Jason Barker

“This is a hell that is fun to read about in fiction, but too terrible to contemplate in reality.” – Nicholas Strange

Marcus, Graham, Becky, Sammy, Richard and Helen are all normal people. Folks like you and me. Until one day, they die, and find themselves trapped in the torture chambers of hell.

Rescued by a group of battle-hardened angels, they find themselves on a journey that will take them back into the deepest pit of Hell and to the highest point of heaven as they attempt to stop the barriers that separate the angelic worlds from crumbling.

Travel through chambers where the deepest depravities a soul can endure are dished out with pleasure. Journey through a world where the cries of the damned echo like laughter.

From Oceans of Blood to fiery infernos, hold on tight while bodies are flayed and displayed all in the name of a quest. To find a certain individual who holds the key to ripping down the barriers that separate heaven and hell, for good.

Who can you trust when those trying to help you have motives that could be more sinister than those you are trying to stop?

Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, these things were once considered opposites, but what happens when they become neighbors, allies…friends?

Highway 99 #2

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