Book Blitz Request – Can you Help?

To coincide with my 99cents Highway to Hell sale, I also have  a new book launching on December 13th. The second set of short stories entitled ‘Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volume II’

Due to a hectic work schedule and a fair bit of business related travelling recently, I have not been able to do anywhere near the amount of prep work that I needed to. So here it is, I am throwing out a call for assistance.

Can you spare a few moments to post a small Book Blitz post for me on December 13th?

I have already had a few people sign up for me, but could always do with more kind-hearted volunteers.

The premise of the book blitz is simple. The post is the Cover Image, blurb and purchase links. The aim being to get as many blogs as possible posting at the same time – over the same period of time – to increase coverage.

If you are able to help me out, please, can I ask you to pop in tour details in the Google Document link below.


3 thoughts on “Book Blitz Request – Can you Help?

  1. Submitted. Send me what I will need and it shall be posted. Oh, and you might get a kick out of what I put as my name in addition to my actual birth name.

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