Winter Has Arrived… or is it Autumn?

I am not sure what is happening with the weather system on this planet we (currently) call home. But everything seems to be running on a different axis to a few years ago.

Personally I think it is because we survived 12/12/12. We went through the looking-glass people, and not all bets are off.

December has arrived with a bang in Holland and also in the UK. Big storms, high gusting winds and thunderous ran / hail / sleet and more rain, showers have been plaguing the lands.

Yesterday morning a window blew out of the (converted) attic floor of our house, and the town my parents live in the UK is currently underwater.

Yet, there is something decidedly autumnal about the weather. In October we had a bad storm that lasted a day and caused a lot of damage. This storm is now hitting its second day and the wind is still gusting. That said, damage is reportedly less, but that has, in my opinion, more to do with the time of the year than the strength of the winds.

I find something oddly comforting about storms. Hearing the wind buffeting the house or the car as I am driving home. The darkness that it ushers, the enforced twilight of thunder, the noise and atmosphere of a good storm. It just feels right. What better weather to curl up with a good book (maybe even one of mine) or behind the laptop to pen more chapters.

What do you think of storms? Fan or not?


6 thoughts on “Winter Has Arrived… or is it Autumn?

  1. This is going to sound so weird, but watching a storm with the rain and wind blowing always had a hypnotic and relaxing effect on me. I could sit and watch it for hours, just like watching a fire in a fireplace.

    1. Cpbialois, your post wasn’t weird at all. I love dark and stormy nights with high winds blowing and rain crashing down in waves. It also has a hypnotic effect on me. In fact, it’s that type of weather that keeps me in my home state of Washington. Also, for some reason, I write better when it’s stormy out. 🙂

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