Interesting Facts about Cleo (and Liz)


When I first wrote about Cleopatra I was considering making her blonde.

Many historians had suggested she was fair. Her Macedonian heritage made it entirely possible.

But you can’t! my editor told me, when I first suggested it. Everyone knows she was a brunette with a bob!

Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Marc Antony

She was referring of course to the woman people still consider the ‘real’ Cleopatra – Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s fifty years since that iconic movie was released and the film itself contained as much drama and tragedy as there was in its namesake’s lifetime.

Here are some things you should know:

1. The movie was the highest grossing film of 1963, it was sold out
 for four months and earned US $26 million - yet it almost bankrupted Fox Studios - because it cost $44 million to make (the 
equivalent of about a third of a billion today.). The original 
budget was 2 million. 

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