A Christmas (not) to Remember

I am not going to write a big year review post. Not yet anyway. The kids are up, I’m just up and the first cup of coffee is rapidly cooling in the mug beside me, so I shall be brief.

I haven’t posted in a while, more than that in fact, but I have been so busy, sometimes a blog post seemed like a distant fantasy. However, in 2014 I will be making a better schedule for myself, so I don’t run around like a blue -arsed fly all day long.

Anyway, back to the festive season.

For the first time in seven years we decided to head back to the UK and spend the holidays with my family. 8 days, there for Christmas home in Holland for New Year, why? the Dutch do New Year way way better than the English. We are talking 45 minutes of wall to wall fireworks, every house has boxes full. The wall of sound is so immense it has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

We arrived in rough seas, and my wife feeling decidedly unwell. What we assumed to be sea-sickness, or a small over indulgence of vodka the night before turned out to be the Curse  of Christmas current. A stomach bug that would not let go and went through us with a wild abandon.

First my wife and eldest were laid up sick in bed, then my and my daughter, then my wife again, the three of us over the three main Christmas days ( 24, 25, and 26). Logan came down soon after and then my wife once more. My mother, sister and Grandad also fell.

I skipped both Christmas dinners and only felt well on the last day we were there. We tried our best to have a good time, but sometimes the cards just do not fall your way.

I don’t know when I will head back, for Christmas at least, but I hope it will e a more festive experience when I do.

One thing of note is that in the 10 days we were gone – 2 days for travel – I didn’t write anything, nor did i spend much time on the computer at all, so it was refreshing in that regard, although I was going a little bit ‘Jack  Torrence’ not writing for so long.

So, how were your Christmases? Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?




6 thoughts on “A Christmas (not) to Remember

  1. I’ve never done a year end best of. I don’t know why: I just never have. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you, Alex!

  2. Alex,

    Sorry to hear that you and the fam took ill. I had one of my best Christmases ever. And, yes, I did a bit of a year end list thing, just with a wee bit of a twist. Stay safe and healthy in the New Year, my friend. Tonight, we are going to an 80s tribute band party with groups that will pay homage to Poison, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Motley Crue.

    1. Glad you had a great Christmas Todd. I have big plans for next year including a new novel coming your way, and Highway III at some point. It will be my defining title. I have so many huge plans for it.

      The tribute night sounds awesome. We have the family coming round, and will be enjoying the fireworks. Tomorrow I start writing again, and with a vengeance

    1. That sucks Chris, and had I more time I would compose a little ditty for you for all the days of Christmas, but the kids are about burn the house down with some fireworks so I must dash, but it would end with

      – a penis spleen in a pear tree.

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