Review: The Taken

The Taken
The Taken by Julieanne Lynch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have had the privilege of being and advanced copy reader for Ms. Lynch on several occasions, and never once has she disappointed me.

The Taken is a stunningly crafted, imaginative and well written story, that will hold readers spellbound. The story moves at a pace, comes with enough jumps and scares to keep the older readers entertained and on the edge of their seat, but also manages to provide enough supplementary story and action for those that are less fans of the jumps and more for the rest of the story.

I felt an immediate connection to Loralee and thought the strained relationship with her mother was perfectly written once more.

Another character I fell in love with was Camberly. She is the school’s Queen Bee and as Loralee (Lele) is the new girl, they of course do not get along. Throw in a developing relationship between Lele and her Camberly’s ex-flame and you have a recipe for a great character dynamic.

The book is a must read and thoroughly deserves to be on everybody TBR pile. Julianne Lynch is an author moving from strength to strength, ever title shows her growth as a writer, and as a parent to five children, she is an inspiration to me, and should be to everybody.

The Taken is not you out for public release, but watch this space, you won’t want to miss it.

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