An Interview with Horror Legend (in the making) Alex Laybourne (Me)!

The new year certainly has started with a bang. My fourth interview of 2014 is live and ready to be read. It is over at a fantastic website that I stumbled upon the other day.

Please head over here to check it out, and take a moment to share the link on your social feeds. The more the merrier as they say.

Alex 1

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
A horror writer born and raised in the United Kingdom, I moved to Holland (the Netherlands) 7 and a half years ago.

Married with four children, a husky puppy called Zombie, and a busy day job, writing is my passion and something I am constantly working on.

I get up early, go to bed late and use all of my free time to write, edit or promote myself and my writing.

I have currently got 4 titles published, with another short story collection (The Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volume III) due to come out this coming Friday (January 10th).

I have 3 other novels planned for release this year and if time allows two more that I would like to get edited and published.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
My latest book is one that I have only just started, in fact, I have not actually written a single word on it yet, but it has been part of my life for the last five or six years.

My debut novel was Highway to Hell, the first in a trilogy of novels, and the current novel is to be the third installment thereof.


To read more of this interview and to find out about some fantastic promotion opportunities, head on over to


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