REBLOG: “Leading The Way,” Sayeth the Book Gods, “Erotica Evolved with Author Rigel Madsong.”

Rigel Madsong is an enigma. A writer of erotica who has raised the benchmark for all writers of all genres. Rigel is what I would call a “writers writer,” the kind of writer you look up to and learn from. When I first met Rigel, I was amazed by his drive and ambition. A book is only as good as the writer writing it. Rigel Madsong is as good as a writer gets. “The Taste of a Woman” is classy, erotic to the core and has those wonderful, sticky pages that keep you reading over and over again.

I know everyone is telling you their book is “amazing,” but Rigel Madsong really is a cut above. Get “The Taste of a Woman,” and if it doesn’t turn you on, let me know… I want to know what’s wrong with you.



Q) Rigel, as an erotic author I have to ask– what is erotic to you?

A) Whatever turns me on. I know that it’s different for different folk. For me it has to have an element of beauty to it, if only in the harsh truth it reveals. But also risking something against the impositions of society to suppress what is natural about our emotional core. Like poetry, erotic literature is about the body. You take it in through the eyes and brain, but you feel it throughout the extent of your physical being. That’s what makes it so exciting. In images I look for something spiritual, something that knocks my socks off. I don’t have to explain it to myself. If it’s right, I respond with my intellect nodding its head and emotions churning.

Q) Do you, as a writer and as a reader, believe the erotic book world needs more literature and less fluff?

A) Absolutely! Erotic literature has at its command perhaps the most precious moment of any human life: intimacy. This little treasure has to be treated with complete respect, bringing the best we have to offer in the way of literary training, psychological insight, astonishing imagery, the music of well chosen words. . . I could go on. The main point is, when given a gift make the effort worth it!

Q) How do you like to write? Are you a daytime writer? A coffee slurping morning writer or a late night typer?


To read more of this great interview head over to


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