Hitting the Roads With a Professional Blog Tour

I told myself that this would be the year that I started taking my promo seriously. Investing in my writing in ways other than just time behind the keyboard churning out words. 2014 is the year Alex takes it to the next level.

Just the other day I finally booked myself a blog tour with a professional company; Enchanted Book Promotions.


I have been looking around for the past few months in anticipation of being able to finally invest in myself, and having landed a very nice freelance writing job, I find myself for the first time with a little bit of income that I can use just for my promotions, and reinvestment in my writing.

Enchanted Book Promotions are a name I have come across on many different platforms, and seem to come with very good reviews.

I have chosen two of their packages, with the plan being that one will feed directly into the other.

On Feb 22nd, I will be (re)launching the Diaries of the Damned, which is currently being re-edited and polished into something even more wonderful. I have purchased their Launch Day package which is a nice looking thing to kick off my new novel in style, and will feed directly into a month-long blog tour, promising at 20 different stops across a wide range of blogs. I will have assistance with promotions, link sharing and everything that I need to really make the push to success.

Of course, I am nervous about the investment. I have never been lucky enough to be in this position before. I am under no illusions that events like this remove my own obligations to promote myself, but rather, I see it as a golden opportunity to have some assistance in moving forward in the main area of this business that I struggle with.

The tour is set to be made up of Guest Posts, Book Extracts, Author Interviews, Giveaways and, most important of all, Reviews.

Reviews seem to be harder and harder to come by so if I could get a few in early on the tour I would be delighted.

I have tried to arrange tours myself in the past, but they have only ever been small-scale and never really achieved much. I am older and wiser now, clued in to the ways of the writing world, and feel this increased knowledge, coupled with the assistance of a promotional company behind me, I can really make progress I can be proud of.

I do not intend for this to be my only tour of the year, nor the only time that I look to hire the services of professionals in order to further grow my platform. This is merely the beginning o an adventure I have been waiting to start for a very long time.

With four releases already planned for this year, I see many opportunities, and all I have to do is reach out and grab them with both hands.


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