The video might not show, but click the link. Clever video.

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Okay, a few words of warning: This “Stay In School” PSA* is fucked all the way up. It is graphic. It is not safe for work. It really nailed the whole “carefree, I love life, pretty, white Tumblr kid” aesthetic. Like, these are the kids who are high risk for contracting affluenza. Anyway, this video is bonkers and Australia is a weird place and god bless their twisted hearts.

*Yeah, upon further investigation, the whole “PSA” thing is bullshit the filmmakers created to support this video. But whatever, still good gore-candy. And a lot of the internet seems to be believing that Learn For Life is a real non-profit, which is hilarious. Gotta respect that troll hustle. TC Mark

School is a waste of time though. Read about it here.

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2 thoughts on “This Anti-Skipping School Ad Is The Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Ever Seen

  1. They should make an ad like this for chronic masturbators. “This is what happens…when you jack off.” This was sick and awesome at the same time.

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