The Top 10 Most Violent Horror Books

10 new books for me to read.

Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Erin Shaw

Sometimes it seems that good, drippy violence is hard to come by. Many writers are afraid of excess and shy away from the jaw-droppingly gruesome. The books that follow deliver the goods and guarantee a fine reading experience.


10. The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Since everyone knows the plot of The Godfather, they also know that it may not be the most violent book out there. However, I stick to my choosing it for this list by saying that it has acts of violence that stand out so starkly that they rival the petty violence of many other books. The ruining of Sonny’s face after being shot repeatedly, the long slow blows that Carlos delivers Connie; designed not to leave marks….these scenes are written so well as to leave a more chilling impression than your run of the mill slasher book.


9. Vampire$ by John Steakley

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