Reblog – Diaries of the Damned Review from Marked by Books

The Diaries of the Damned blog tour has continued to roll and yesterday it was the turn of Marked by Books to host me. Not only did they donate their site, they wrote me an incredible review which I will share with you now.

For five tantalizing excerpts from the book, check the link back to their site.


Ebook Cover

Well this is most certainly going to be one of the best (and gory) reviews I have ever done. allow me to start off with saying that I was never much of a zombie fan. I was always more of a..werewolf…vampire…witch fan. But this books completely turned my opinion around.
When I first started readigf this, I did not think that I would enjoy it. I really didn’t. The beginning was slow at first, but soon it got interesting. I loved how the reader was absorbed into the plot…slowly…reigned…in…It was enthralling.
Then! We get into the gory details that zombies are known for. When I first began getting into the gory details, I found myself enjoying all the thrilling details, all the goriness, all the EWWWW!!!!! that the author presents us with.
One of the best things of being an author, one of the things I admire most, is being able to change persepectives. I absolutely loved how Mr. Laybourne was able to switch from one charachter to another and still make the book make sense. Being able to take one person’s perspective and switch it around to someone else’s is not that easy to do because the remainder of the story may not make as much sense as one wants. However, this is perfect because not only does the author switch charachters, he also switches back to the main protagonist, the writer telling the story, and has him collecting stories of the actual apocalypse. That is admirable to me because as a wrtier, I myself find that changing perspectives is difficult to do.
As a whole, the book is something I would highly admirable. Romance, goriness, and zombies (!) are all a huge part of this book that make it worth reading. Especially if you want a scare!!! Be ready to have nightmares!



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