The Weaponer

A good review for The Weaponer from Eric. S Brown

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I’ve read Proust. And I’ve read Siegel and Shuster. Like someone who appreciates both steak and sorbet, I understand the value of a palate cleanser. Eric S. Brown’s The Weaponer (Grand Mal Press, 2013) will probably not end up in the canon (though it has a cannon in it). But if you’re looking for action and horror with the fun of a comic book and the punch of a Grindhouse film, then it’s hard to imagine a better value. Welcome to a near future, where “old west” meets “zombie apocalypse” tale.

Alan builds weapons. He has a gun collection (antique models like the Glock and AK-47), but replacement parts are no longer manufactured. A craftsman, Alan builds six-shooters for nearby settlers, who are rebuilding after the zombies destroyed most of the world. It’s said that a thirty-foot construction called “the Wall” kept the hungry hordes out. But now, settlers face…

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