Contrast and the Human Journey – You are Not broken

Ranee Dillon

00 broken

You are a cherished gift. You are an expression of all the love, kindness, and compassion held within a single heart and throughout the whole of the universe. So, why are you so mean to you?

No, don’t beat yourself up for another perceived failure. This isn’t something born inside you. It’s generational conditioning through society and media that preys upon every single person with the illusion you are broken. That’s a wicked lie, one perpetuated for centuries to keep everyone in bondage. If you’re constantly looking inside to fix “broken” parts it keeps you from reaching out for connection. Connection to the universe, the earth, to the people in your life, to love.

This plan to keep everyone in internal chaos may seem like just another conspiracy theory, but it’s not. It’s not one person or group. This is something humanity chose for contrast. Our souls decided at some…

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