Ian Woodhead ‘Kingdoms of the Dead Book One: Chemical Rot’ Review

A great sounding read from Ian Woodhead! Check it out.

Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Wow, what a trip!  Ian Woodhead has done it again with Kingdoms of the Dead Book one: Chemical Rot (yeah, I know it’s a mouthful.)  Ian Woodhead has written so much about the zombie apocalypse one would think “How could he come up with another story line regarding zombies?” but he has and it’s so original.

In Book One of this new series we are introduced to quite a cast of characters.  There’s Kenny and his sister Diane, Kenny had been infected and Diane has been helping him stave off the infection with bootleg pills.  Then we have twins Mortimer and Daniel, along with brother Martin, they are being held as guinea pigs by Joseph the scientist under the guise of being kept safe from zombies.  Tony is another character along with government worker wife trying to make sense of the world. Of course I can’t…

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