Forever a Warrior (R.I.P Ultimate Warrior)


Growing up,I was a huge wrestling fan. I went to several live shows when they came to the UK, and loved every minute of it. There have always been a lot a iconic names in the ring, but only a select few transcend it all, and stay legends when their time between the ropes has come to an end.

Today saw one of those legends pass, taken at an early age after what can now only be classed as a darkly romantic goodbye performance, The Ultimate Warrior is no longer with us.

I remember watching the Warrior, at an age when I knew nothing about the world, gave no care to the business side of the industry that kept me so entertained. Regardless of the man he was then, the Warrior will always e a legend in my eyes, and in the yes of every fan out there.

I choose to believe that he knew what was coming, that he understood his time was passing, and that he chose to go out in front of the fans that loved him, doing what he did best. Sure, we will probably never know for sure, but in a world were we all seek comfort in knowledge or some ideal, I choose to believe that poetry, and romance do exist.

Rest in Peace Warrior, and wherever your soul / spirit / essence may be, I am sure you are charging like thunder and carrying bolts of lightning in both hands.


4 thoughts on “Forever a Warrior (R.I.P Ultimate Warrior)

  1. Awesome blog post! The Ultimate Warrior and Road Warriors were the reason I loved wrestling as a kid. I must’ve watched his title match against Hogan a hundred times. lol

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