The King of Indie Thrillers Talks Politics, Washington and the New Reprisal Novel!

Political Interview with Author Cliff Roberts, author the Reprisal Series of books. Currently on market are: Reprisal! The Eagle Rises, Reprisal! The Gauntlet and as of April 1, 2014, Reprisal! The Eagles Sorrow.

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Q) What’s wrong with the political world of today?

That’s a multifaceted question with no single answer. I’ll try to keep it short, clear and concise. The current political situation across the globe is dominated by the wealthy elite. This isn’t the guy who owns a factory or has money he’s saved for decades. No, this is the small group of men and women who control the financial resources of the planet. For those who aren’t educated in the ways of the world or just plain refuse to believe these people exist, I’m talking about the world’s bankers and financiers. Their greed for money and lust for power is so overwhelming they spend every waking moment trying to find ways to fool, cajole and outright swindle the public into going along with their plans for total world domination.

Greedy and Power from the lowest level of the political spectrum to the ultra super rich of the eight families that rule global banking. That is what is wrong and as long as the general public continues to allow these tyrants and thieves to exist the world will change very little.


Q) Why did you write “Reprisal?”

I wrote the Reprisal Series with the thought that people need to wake up to the threat that Islam is to all civilized nations. The so-called religion of peace is so far from peaceful it is astonishing to see western media sugar coat the evil that is Islam. I have been a student through observation and study of Islam since I was a boy growing up in Dearborn, MI.

Over the years I watched as our government made nice with the Saudi‘s, Kuwaiti’s, Omanians, Yeminis, Egyptians, Libyans, Iraqi’s, Iranian’s as well as others, who regularly burned our flag and rioted against us at the leaders behest. America pays hundreds of millions a year to these foreign dictators who publicly belittle and denounce America.




Q) Is “Reprisal” really a mirror of what could happen in America?

Yes, a mirror is a very good analogy regarding the goings on in Washington and around the world. The American Government for the first time has no people’s champion in a position of power. As President Starks in Reprisal continually escalates the amount of damage he is doing to the country, in exchange for cash and precious metals. So do our current political leaders-especially Obama

Obama like the President in the story is getting something as well. Exactly what I cannot say but he’s getting something. He is doing all he can to insulate himself from the people, thus providing himself a secure position to enforce law he dictates and end the constitution, perhaps leading up to the institution of martial law with him as the de facto head of the government.

Despite the Media’s assertions the Muslims are in no way helping Obama, they are, just as they are President Starks in Reprisal. By taking their money Starks’ is allowing them to dictate the future of America. This very similar to what Obama seems to be doing.

Surprisingly, I wrote Reprisal more than five years before I had even heard of Obama and yet it fits his presidency like a glove.


Q) What’s your political voting background?

My voting history is that of an independent. I was greatly influenced by the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert growing up. I like the idea of doing for your country not taking from it. I thought that all politicians should aspire to such heights and that no politician should be there to represent himself. They worked for us. I was naive to say the least.



Q) How has your political opinion affected the way you write?

Ask any good writer and they’ll tell you, if you are not putting something of yourself in your writing then the public won’t take to it. They expect that emotion to be there. Maybe its not as front and center, as it was in Reprisal! The Eagle Rises, but there are bits and pieces of me in everything I write. In Reprisal! The Eagles Sorrow, I mix in what I believe is the inner motivation for the terrorist act itself. There has to be more to this war against the world for them than it is just their religion. Read Reprisal! The Eagle’s Sorrow and tell me if you think I got it right. Link to all Reprisal! Books:




Q) Do you believe all Democrats are to blame?

Unfortunately, if they go along without publicly questioning the constitutionality of the President’s behaviour they are just as guilty as he is. Quilt by association. Accomplish to the crime. It’s no different with the Muslins. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. If they don’t stand against the Jihad and the evil tenants of their faith, they are as much a terrorist the one who wore the bomb or fired the shots.


Q) What does a voter have to consider before voting?

Unfortunately, you can’t believe a single word most politicians say. I think you have to get involved to the point you need know and understand the persons voting record, if they’ve held office before. If they haven’t held office look at their work life, not the hype that both sides throw about but the real record without the tweaking by the spin doctors that work for both sides. If the candidate refuses to have open records and does all he can to hide behind the rhetoric then I’d avoid the guy or gal. If their campaign is more about catchy phrases then real solutions, don’t vote for them and if they are quick to falsely label their competitor for things such as being a racist or a homophobe. I wouldn’t and won’t vote for this clown regardless of the pressure to do so. But be careful and vet the other guy to or run for office yourself.


Q) How does “Reprisal” paint Americans? What themes are involved?

Wow, that’s a toughie. I’m sure since I have heard from several of my foreign friend who are authors, the story in their mind just reinforces the Cowboy mentality. American’s, if I understand them correctly, are brash, self centered, cocky individuals who need to stop and listen to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, that’s what we American’s are all about. We are brash at times and we do think the world revolves around us and rightfully so. America is a great country. America has been and hopefully will continue to be the shining light on the hill. The one true beacon of freedom. I was flabbergasted when one of my foreign friends said to me. We don’t want to be free. Who needs all that responsibility?  We’re perfectly happy being like the Borg from Star Trek fame.

I remember my Uncle Bob. He was a Marine in World War Two. He made the assessment that America had changed after Eisenhower was president. Eisenhower had to deal with the UN for the first time in a crisis situation which nearly caused World War III in the Korean Conflict.

Since that time America has been on a steady diet of weakening its own military prowess much as the Europeans have time and again prior to being invaded by their neighbors. So Reprisal hopefully rekindles the American spirit of world leadership, of taking on the hard task and excelling. Of being the world leader and not apologizing for it. In just the last century America came to the aid of world and provided materials, equipment, food and the blood of our brave men and women to save the world from those among them who had grand designs on becoming the one world power and ruling the rest. America stepped up and stopped it both times.

That is why we are under attack from within by the Muslims and the liberal progressives so that they might delay or if possible, render American in effectual in the coming conflict between Islam and the world.


Q) What do Americans want?

Once you stop focusing on the politicians, American’s, the real ones, want exactly what everyone wants, I think. Homes, families and reasonable work without interference from their government or any other government. We the people don’t want to be at war with any one, but we will take the fight to anyone who starts it. Unfortunately, the world is seen through this prism that bends the light whenever the politicians get involved. Sometime what they claim is a “Clear and Present Danger”, is not so much. It was just a potential situation, if controlled right, which might provide a large financial wind fall to the major players. And so the American Public is waylaid into a conflict that has no end benefit to the American Public. As a Nation not since the early 1900’s we have sought to expand our boundaries. Nor have we sought to conquer any nation. Yes, we have acquired territories such as Alaska, American Samoa and the Philippines. Many of which today self-govern themselves and chose to remain affiliated with America or have even become states.


We want peace but we know that you cannot have peace without having the strength to defend yourself and the courage to do so.


Q) Why is “Reprisal” such a thrilling read?

I can‘t tell you everything. Reading is like a voyage of discovery. You buy the book, open it and begin to read. The story unfolds and the scenes draw you in and lock on to you so tight you won’t want to put it down. There is political intrigue, criminal cunning, suspenseful twists and turns. Each book in the series can stand alone as a great story but as a combined story it draws on every hidden agenda, twisted plot, and thrilling sequences of events that will simply leave you breathless. Things you thought you knew after reading the first two books, Reprisal! The Eagle Rises and Reprisal! The Gauntlet, take on new light, become twisted in deeper than thought possible and the reckoning that awaits the world is fore shadowed through not the American perspective but through the mind of the terrorist leader. That’s why it’s so thrilling. Check the whole series at:


Q) How did you discover the characters in “Reprisal?”

The positive role models in the Reprisal series are men I would hope still exist in this country. Men who despite the losses they might face would step forward and put the good of the country first. The total opposite of most the men and women in Washington today.

The evil characters are composites of the low life cowards and opportunists that are paraded before us in the media daily as the unquestionable leaders of the free world. A task they are clearly not up to and continue to demonstrate the only thing with which they might be trusted with is the cleanliness of six by eight cell.
Q) Do you have any famous followers in the writing world?

MY fan base is growing daily so I may have more than I know. However, I received a great review from a Hollywood Icon, Alex Cord. During the sixties, seventies and eighties Alex Cord was one of the Hollywood elite. He still casts a large shadow as his huge number of fans attest to. He ended his review of Reprisal! The Eagle Rises with the statement that he’d like to play General Clarett in the movie. I hope his friends in Hollywood see that or this interview, and make a movie of Reprisal. It is sure to be block buster.  You can check out all the Reprisal! Books at:


Q) Tell me about the way “Reprisal” portrays the world of tomorrow.

It’s interesting how I didn’t set out to write about Obama. When I originally completed the series, Obama wasn’t part of the national political scene yet. I was sure I was writing an expose on the corrupt politicians and their oil buddies. The Bush clan and the Clinton’s, but as time dragged on while I rewrote it for one publisher and then the next only to see that they weren’t really interested in the story. When I had finally reached the end of my patience and decided to self-publish, I discovered a new political player. Barrack Obama. Almost from the moment I took notice I knew he was a real life version of stories main antagonist, President Starks.

Exactly what will transpire in Washington is hard to say, in Reprisal you’ll learn a great deal about what Obama might aspire to and how it may affect the country through the prism of hind sight.  Best way to know for sure? Pick up the book: Reprisal! The Eagle’s Sorrow. In fact, pick up the whole series and then you’ll have the inside track on everything Reprisal! And perhaps Washington as well.   Amazon Author page for Author Cliff Roberts

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll check out the books as well. Author Cliff Roberts

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