This Crazy Thing Called Life

I just realized that is has been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog. Anything meaningful that is. I remember at the start of the year I had grand plans, a grand vision if you will, of how I wanted this blog to be run in 2014. I had posts written in advance, schedule and ready to roll. For a whole month is went perfectly. Then, life got in the way.

My day job went nuts, taking up most of my free time. My writing started gathering some momentum in terms of the projects I am currently writing, and my approach to promotion changed and has also seen me working with more focus on the ‘selling’ side of this writer’s game.

I cannot complain, everything is going swimmingly, but sometimes, the presence of this little blog of mine slips by me and then I find myself, as I am now, feeling oddly guilty at not having written anything.

I cannot promise that any changes will be permanent, but I will ensure that I write at least one post a week from now on in. That gives me six days to put something together. Surely to crap even I can find time to do that.

In the mean time, while waiting for some of my pearly words of wisdom, why not entertain yourself with my newest novel, Diaries of the Damned.

The price has been lowered to just 99cents for a limited time only, so now is the best opportunity to grab the book that everybody is talking about.

Poster 40

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