Walking Vlogs – The New Experiment

Walking Vlogs, or video blogs, are the newest trend that I have seen floating around the net. Not normally one to fall victim to the various fads that come and go, I am hooked on this idea. It sounds interesting, and also gives me an excuse to get out and walk.

My friends Lisa Stull and Buddy Gott gave me the inspiration to start my own walking vlog, which I plan to do with my sidekick, Zombie (my 7 month old Husky puppy). I take him for a nice walk, normally in the evening, and it is the opportune moment to make a vlog and share my rambling thoughts on the world via yet another platform.

I am sure that all three people who would eventually watch what I upload will be thoroughly bored after a few short moments, but hey, you need to try these things.

I made an attempt to video my walk last night, but after three of four takes, I gave up. The biggest barrier I think is the self-conscious aspect, but hey, I’ll shut up on that score because it will give me something to ponder when I try again tonight.

The biggest concern I have is actually what the heck I’m going to talk about, what direction should something like a walking vlog take? I will take the first one as an opportunity to introduce myself to everybody and muse for a while, but after that I will need to come up with a direction for them.

Not only does it sound like fun, but hopefully I will get to move around a little more and lose some of the excess weight that I need to shed.

Have any of you thought about vlogs, walking or not? Are we going to see an increase in the number of video based social media interactions in the coming months? I am already seeing more and more book trailers being made and floated around, so perhaps this is the build in a new movement.

Are there any topics that you think would make a better post on a vlog than on a blog? I mean, some topics do lend themselves more naturally to a conversational discussion rather than a written one.

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out Lisa’s first Walking vlog here, and then catch Buddy’s here, I am sure you will be inspired to create one of your own before you have finished watching.



6 thoughts on “Walking Vlogs – The New Experiment

  1. Great post, Alex!! I totally understand being self-conscious. I was worried about the camera angle, how I sounded, what I was rambling on about. But after a little while you just relax. I am actually really excited to SEE you walk and ramble and get to know you in a different way! I think that is what is so great about the whole vlogging process. Good luck on your next attempt. We can’t wait to see it! Cheers, friend!

  2. I’m looking forward to your vlog, Alex! I totally get your concern about coming up with topics to talk about while walking. I was a little worried about that myself. For me, I’ve decided to pick three random topics to talk about in each walk and keep the videos short – no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

    Wishing you the best here with this, my friend. Have fun with it! 🙂

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