Richard Schiver

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Author Interview Corner

richardschiverHow long have you been writing?

I started seriously writing the first time around 1992. The loss of a hard drive nine years later made me walk away until 2008 when I returned to writing with the intent to accomplish what I had originally planned. I’ve been reading much longer than that.

What genre are your books?

While most of my work would fall under the heading of Contemporary Dark fiction, I do have moments when I step outside the boundaries established by the horror genre. I recently had a literary short story published by The Backbone Mountain Review. An annual literary zine put out in association with the Allegany Arts Council and the University of Maryland Center for Creative writing in Frostburg, MD. It’s a free PDF download for anyone interested.

Click below to access the 2014 issue of The Backbone Mountain Review:


What draws you to…

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