Thirty Years Really Isn’t That Old

Today I wake up facing the fact that I turn thirty. Three decades ago today I entered the world, and have seen a lot in the time that has since passed.

Yet I do not fear aging, I welcome it. There are plenty of people that do not make it this far, and every day; every experience is a battle scar, a tribute to a life lived.

I have enjoyed the last thirty years, and relish the coming thirty. I cannot wait to see the challenges that life sends me, the ups and the downs, for you cannot have or truly appreciate one without the other.

But on a day such as today, conversation always turns towards wants and desires, gifts are given and are very much appreciated. This year is no different. The gifts have been wonderful, and I have been very lucky once again.

There is one final thing I would like to see occur today, this day of days, and that is some sales. I figure a birthday is as good a day as any to promote my work, so let’s run with it. If everybody that comes to wish me a happy birthday takes the time to buy a book, or share some links on their pages, groups, public toilet walls, then maybe, just maybe I can get a little birthday surge going on.

Right, I am off to drink coffee and think birthday thoughts!



5 thoughts on “Thirty Years Really Isn’t That Old

  1. Welcome to the 30 club! I joined it 5 months ago, but I intend to always stay 29 at heart! Alex, you have become a good friend and shame on me… I still had not purchased Highway To Hell. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’ve just thrown a whole $0.99 into the pot! Lol. I wish I could do more, friend. Have a good one.

    1. Thank you Lindsey, I truly appreciate it. I know what you have been through recently, so knowing you grabbed a copy of my work means a tremendous deal to me. 🙂 I don’t mind being thirty. I’m never going to grow up anyway.

      Too young to grow up, too old to die young!

  2. Happy Birthday Alex, welcome to the Thirties Club! I quite enjoy it actually, 2 years in… I already bought your books so my gift to you will be to get posting reviews asap (although my children might dictate otherwise of course!)

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