Paperback Release – Musings of a Hideous Mind: The Complete Collection

It took a little while for Amazon to get it updated, but it is finally here. My newest paperback, the complete collection of Musings of a Hideous Mind has arrived.


Over three hunderd pages, and forty horror filled tales for you to gorge yourselves on.



**WARNING** Your mental health is not guaranteed should you choose to enter the Hideous Mind.

For the first time ever, the Hideous Mind trilogy is combined into a single epic collection of horror tales. Born from the twisted mind of the international bestseller Alex Laybourne, the stories within these pages will hold you spellbound, they will have you terrified, and maybe elicit a chuckle of two.

With almost forty stories, covering the full horror spectrum, there is something fun for ever reader to discover. From the deeply horrific to the tragic, the depraved to the darkly comic, this collection delves deep into the human psyche and will not let go.

Proceed with caution, for what is read cannot be unread, and once you have been touched by the Hideous Mind, there is no telling what will happen to your soul.

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