Summer of Zombie 2014 Guest Post – Featuring Jack Wallen


This year, I’m honored to host Jack Wallen for the Summer of Zombie 2014 Blog Tour!


For the month of June, zAuthors will be hosted across this awesomely bloated internet of ours, so don’t forget to follow the link at the bottom of the page. You wouldn’t want to miss anything during this fantastic June of the Dead, but before you get all scroll-happy, read what special guest Jack Wallen has to say about:

Apocalypse and Rock: Two nomtastic genres that belong together

If I were to ask you to name a genre of book that fit perfectly with rock and roll, what would you say? Romance? Nay. Historical Thriller? You’re killing me! Young Adult? Only if by “rock and roll” you mean pop music, then ‘maybe’.

Of all the genres of books, there is really only one that seamlessly melds with rock — horror. But even more specific — apocalyptic…

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