Paul Flewitt ‘Poor Jeffrey’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Myra Gabor

OK, I admit it. I’m a sucker for stories involving teenagers. I find it irresistible to read about their heartaches and, even better, how and if they conquer their troubles.  And in POOR JEFFREY, oh, boy, do they have their troubles.

Jeffrey is smart and likeable.  He is also clumsy.  It’s this clumsiness that trips him into the path of a truck which kills him.

His friends, Tommy, Chloe and Jade are devastated.  Tommy is always willing to do anything that smacks of adventure. Jeffrey was always the voice of reason that talked him out of doing dangerous stunts.  With Jeffrey gone, there’s no one to put the reins on Tommy. He studies a grimoire, determined to bring Jeffrey back from the dead.  He talks the girls into performing a rite to raise Tommy from his grave.  They succeed.  But Jeffrey doesn’t come back whole.  He…

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