Summer of Zombie Guest Post with Author Ian Woodhead

Ian Woodhead is a great writer you should all be reading.

Life With Words

Author Ian Woodhead Author Ian Woodhead

Guest post about Kingdoms of the Dead.

Oh boy, was this story a doozer! I can honestly say (Hand on heart) that Kingdoms of the Dead almost fried my brain during its construction, it certainly gave me a pounding headache on more that one occasion. Thing is, I thought the idea would slot together like a Meccano set, oh sure, it’s a complex tale, of course it is! Hell, you ain’t going to get ‘simple’ A to B story with three zombie infested parallel worlds, inhabited by the same (but different) characters, all jumping from one world to the other.

Meccano set? More like doing a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, blindfolded.

I’m not really selling this book to you, am I? I’ll start again, this time, I’ll omit the whining.

So, the idea for this book sprang from just one question – Could any country profit from…

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