Eden’s Exchange talks to @CPBialois #Author #interview

Cp is a great guy, and one heck of a writer. You really should check out his work.

I love when relationships develop organically, as they are the ones that usually stick. CP Bialois is an author I met sometime ago, and he’s been a constant source of optimism and encouragement. He’s an extremely diligent and hard-working author, and I’m happy to offer him space to tell you more about himself.

Please give a warm welcome to fantasy author,  CP Bialois.

* * * *

CP, great to have you here finally. How would your best friend describe you in 20 words or less?

With a bunch of four letter adjectives. 😀 He’d say I’m a good, reliable, stand-up kind of guy.

Nice! Do you have any extravagances?

I’d love to be more thought provoking, but it’s books, dvds, and cds. Put me in a store with any of those and a wad of cash, and I’m going to need help carrying them home.

What profession other than your…

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