Q&A with TW Brown!

An interview with one of my editors, my publisher and my friend, TW Brown

Heath Stallcup Author

Today is kind of special.  I get to interview a friend and an awesome author.  This guy has helped me succeed in so many ways…I can’t even begin to start.  He’s put his own projects on hold in order to push mine to the head of the line, just so I could meet a deadline that…well, it wouldn’t profit him at all.  Not many people will do that.

When I first got started and knew even less than I know now, Todd did a quick author interview of me and put it on his blog.  It helped to get my name out there amongst his followers and I’m sure boosted my sales before Phoenix ever hit Amazon.  It does me great pleasure to be able to finally return the favor.  He helped me to build a brand, a name amongst readers and now I have my own small, but faithful…

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