Reblog – An Intriguing Interview with British Author Andrea Barker

wa-leah-front-cover-digitalAndrea Baker is an English writer with a story to tell. This is the first interview we have done together, and I have to say that it’s a fascinating look into the mind of a writer. You will be seeing a lot more of Andrea in the future as she takes a trip around radio shows, blogs and E-zines on a brand new promotional tour. Her book series is called “Words Apart,” and the first volume, “Leah,” is on sale right now over on Amazon. Highly rated, highly credited and written by an award-nominated author… Enjoy…

Nightmare’s are just dreams aren’t they? 

They can’t hurt you, not really… 

Leah’s can. 

They’re trying to tell her the truth and won’t stop until she understands. 

Nineteen-year-old Leah struggles to cope with normal life after the recent loss of her mother.  Her heart-broken father decides to uproot them to Little Virginia for a fresh start, so they can bury the past behind them.  At once, Leah is captivated by the castle ruins near her new doorstep, and whilst exploring, she comes across a mysterious stranger. 

Recurring nightmares long thought dead reawaken, and new strains appear in her relationship with her father. 
But as Leah attempts to piece together the connection between them, she will find herself thrown into dark and dangerous worlds beyond her wildest dreams…

To read the full interview, head on over to (Home of Novel Ideas)


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