Tom Ufert is Back Want to Talk Craps… ‘Political Craps’

Thank you for joining us today, as we kick off the Political Craps blog tour. We are going to be hitting a number of blogs over the coming two weeks, and would be delighted if you would join us, and perchance even help spread the word. The message that Tom Ufert is telling with this newest publication is an important one, of that there can be no doubt.

As this is the kick of post for the tour, I would now like to turn the stage over to Tom, who is here to tell us a little about his book, and what drove him to write it.



I have written Political Craps to stir the American conscience at the ballot box.  As a former political insider and life-long enthusiast dedicated to electing candidates of character and integrity, I have never accepted the adage that my vote doesn’t count.

Now I must declare from the start that Political Craps might well be considered an act of futility.  People who don’t vote, for whatever reason—frustration, ignorance, or simple apathetic fatigue—probably won’t read ANY book on politics.  However, regardless of their lack of motivation, I firmly believe and have faith in every American’s yearning for a prosperous, educationally talented driven, fair minded, equal opportunity, and relatively corrupt free nation of the people, by the people, and for the people.  In that core principle alone I have faith that my book will transcend traditional contemporary sentiments.

I have sincerely sought to write this deeply researched work attempting at every opportunity to relay complicated information to the everyday person on the street.  My fervent goal is to speak to the heart and soul of EVERY American.  Though the reality of today’s political environment seeks to complicate and confuse voters with technical legal jargon or obfuscate (look it up!) the truth with distractions that don’t mean a damn thing to the hardworking man and woman on the street, Americans want fair paying jobs, crime free communities, schools that actually teach and prepare their kids for life, and politicians that speak to them not at them or above them.

Hopefully Political Craps addresses some of the public’s concerns that our elected representatives are “full of it” and don’t really give a damn about them but are more concerned about staying in power.  In the same patriotic fervor of our Founding Fathers, I hope to inspire my fellow citizens with the common sense arguments and “linkage” of facts that lead to results.

Furthermore, I pray that those “politically minded” souls like me that take the time to read this book will spread the word to their less inclined friends.  Share the message that, regardless of your political leanings or inclinations (again, look it up!), my message is clear and has relevance in their lives.

This book is written proof that today’s information highway provides every citizen an unparalleled access to relevant data for making informed political decisions.  Every resource—over 200 reports, articles, books, and sources of analysis were completely retrieved from the internet. Therefore, no freedom loving dedicated American citizen can legitimately argue ignorance as a reasonable excuse for failure to make an informed decision when voting.

As the United States faces the struggles of the Twenty-first Century, the American electorate must come to terms with a single preeminent question.  Do we deserve better than the present class of short-sighted, politically dysfunctional, dogmatically partisan career politicians “serving” the American people today?  I challenge the reader to keep that thought in focus as you read Political Craps for it is the primary tenet of this book.

Considering the historically unprecedented public disapproval of today’s congressional membership and its lack of legislative progress, America has reached another transcendental turning point.  The time has come when voters must shout with a united voice “enough is enough,” and send a resounding signal that we demand reform.

Regardless of the electoral results following the 2014 midterm elections and the 2016 presidential election, the American voter must take personal responsibility for the outcome.  Amid the outcry for leadership, economic prosperity, and international respect, we the voters are ultimately responsible for the quality of leaders elected to serve.  We have no one to blame but ourselves if the nation’s elected representatives fail to live up to our expectations.

Likewise, if you as a citizen are fed up and don’t see a candidate that measures up—get off your butt and run for office!  People think they don’t have the time or money.  Those are excuses of the weak minded, morally bankrupt, and lazily opportunistic souls who only want something for free handed to them.  FREEDOM ISN’T FREE—YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!  America has come to a point in its history, again, when we need more CITIZEN POLITICIANS than CAREER POLITICIANS! Serve your time, do your best, and go home so that a new class for a new generation can rise to do their part.

Therefore, if you are thoroughly dissatisfied or remotely disgusted by the present class of leaders in Congress, CHANGE THE STATUS QUO!  The time to get informed and get involved is now.  Just Get It…Politics Affects You!




Tom Ufert “is an inspirational voice in our troubled times.” He received his bachelor of arts in political science and history as a scholarship recipient from Centenary College of Louisiana. Tom is a former Rotary International graduate Fellow who attended Australian National University in Canberra, ACT, specializing in East Asian political affairs and was a White House Fellow nominee.  He is a former Lyndon Baines Johnson Congressional Intern and constituency aid for two former United States members of Congress.   His past services for 11 political campaigns on both sides of the aisle were highly valued by former Louisiana Governor Charles “Buddy” Roemer, Henson Moore the former assistant chief of staff to U.S. Vice President George H.W. Bush, and the recently retired U.S. Trade Ambassador, Ron Kirk.

At age 23 he was the youngest artistic Board Chairman in the United States as head of the Shreveport Summer Music Festival. Mr. Ufert has served as a member of two other 501(c) three charity boards including his beloved fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia as well as the community advisory board for his former rehabilitation hospital.  Over the years he has acquired extensive customer service experience in the food and beverage, hotel, insurance, home security, and pharmaceutical industries.  His professional memberships include Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Tau Delta, and the Worldwide Who’s Who. In recent years he has worked tirelessly as a volunteer fundraiser for numerous AIDS charities in his community and served briefly as the community affairs liaison for Legacy Founders Cottage.

Tom Ufert, a native of Louisiana, now resides in Texas.  He is an Amazon Best Selling Author for his second book On The Roll Again, his first book, Adversity Builds Character received high acclaim with numerous 5 Star reviews, as has his newest release Political Craps.  In fact all three books and several of his essay booklets have garnered distinction as Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers.  Perhaps Mr. Ufert’s greatest claim to fame is that every book he sells contributes directly to charity through his charitable book entity Stand Strong For Others.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of ‘Political Craps‘ today!


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