Interview with Tom Ufert, Author of Political Craps

Check out this new interview with Tom Ufer as he talks about his new book ‘Political Craps’

The BiaLog

Good morning everyone! Today I’d like to take a second to introduce a new guest on the Bialog, Tom Ufert. Take it away, fellas!

Thanks for joining us today, as we start the second stop of the Tom Ufert, ´Political Craps´ book tour. Today Tom has taken some time out to answer a few questions about himself and his newest book, Political Craps.

political craps

  • Tell me a little about yourself?

After many years of coping with personal adversities—a broken home, family turmoil, 5 divorces in my immediate family, a disabled mother, her attempted suicide, the resulting “adoption” by close family friends, juvenile sexual abuse, conflicts over sexual identity, alcohol/drug/sex addictions, and 3 disabilities—life’s trials and tribulations have definitely made me a stronger person.  My positive attitude and intrinsic faith in God have made the difference between coping and capitulation.  My excellent education and professional experiences have provided me with a unique…

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