Book Blog, and Promotions!

An new opportunity for book promotion.

Thoughts From Adam Gainer


Author Adam Gainer here, to announce the new blog, here on!

Along with the deep thoughts and random excerpts from my books, I also wish to help promote other independent authors who are struggling to get their books noticed.

If you are interested in submitting a request for a book promo, please note I will be asking all authors to do their own synopsis. However, I would prefer it if the synapse explained the real deep passion you wrote the book with, the concepts you came up with during the first draft, or why you wanted to write your book in the first place.

I feel this is a refreshing new approach to the boring old book descriptions that we see posted on Facebook, Twitter, and basically everything else. This should help with Google ranks as well, as it gives the Author a completely new way to describe…

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