Sunday Summary 12-10-14 : Plans to Save my Sanity

Sunday has arrived and while I never really take a day off, it is the one day in the week where I don’t set myself any writing goals, and just get done whatever I can.

As a family we always go to my wife’s grandmother’s house and site there for a light lunch, which is always nice, and a good break from everything.

It’s been a crazy week, but also a very good week.

I have not worked any extra hours for work. Well, other than a two hour phone call Thursday night, but I don’t mind it. The customer is good fun and I enjoy talking to them and working on their database.

It feels good to come in at just under the 45 hour mark, rather than the 60 I have been working.

writing 1I haven’t been writing much fiction, only during my lunch breaks, picking away at typing up the hand written extended notes I had made for my current novel. I”ve added between 750 and 900 words most days, which isn’t great, but better than what I had been doing.

I have been spending a lot of my free time freelancing. I have been doing it for a while now, with one client, and it has been working out well. Í’ve kicked it up a notch in the last few weeks and have earned enough to send my wife and her friend to London for a few days. Flights, hotel and a trip to the Harry Potter experience. It was already booked, but the freelance has covered the costs.

I am starting to look for more freelance work, and am planning to see if I can make it a full time gig in the future. I need to get out of the corporate world. I am utterly fed up with the repetative bullshit. The same desk, the same problems, the same old crap, stuck as the middle man between customers and the IT department. I am lying to one to cover for the other, and it just gets old. There is no room for creativity, or originality. Like a beast, I sit there, caged, and bored out of my mind.

I am thirty years old, and all I want to do is live a comfortbale life. Riches are not important, but I want to write, be able to pay my bills, go away with the kids every now and then, and go to the gym without having to worry about the time.

I am reading as many copywriting and freelance writing books and articles as I can, and have two friends who both make their living doing this. Iwriting am going to create a new site, just for my writing services, and see how it goes. Obviously, I have no plans to quit the day job, not until I know we can survive, but even if I could cut down to part time, it would be a blessing. There is plenty of work out there, I just need to work on getting myself into the same places.

I have always wanted to do something like this, and it would also allow me to continue my fiction writing at the same time.

I am not naive enough to think this is foolproof, or that I should expect to be living the life I wish for by the time Christmas comes around. But, I am sick to death of being another cog in the machine, and I would rather say I had tried to make it on my own, and fail, than to look back when I’m at my retirement party and think… Jesus Christ, I’ve wasted my life.

I am keen to impart on my children than the main thing in life is not money, but happiness. Doing what you love because you love it, not because it means you can buy the biggest or the best car, or computer. Those things are nice, but nothing comes close to the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with knowing you are spending your life doing something you truly enjoy. How can I do that, when I am sitting in mistery behind a desk staring all day long for a company that couldn’t give a monkey’s cuss.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary 12-10-14 : Plans to Save my Sanity

    1. Thanks buddy. I’ve been freelancing for a while, but now it is time to see if I can make something of it and leave the corporate world behind. I’m too much of a rule breaker to ever fit in there.

      1. No problem, I know what you mean. I got into a lot of trouble with the higher ups at times and I didn’t even work in an office. lol

        Best thing to do is give it a shot. Nothing to lose trying. 🙂

  1. If anyone can do it, you can Alex! I am still trying to get the regular freelance work going, but I agree with you when you say, at least we try to make the change. I am far happier now, with no regular income, than I was five years ago with a full time job in a dead-end office. And yes, I got into trouble with the boss as well, which is why I left under mysterious circumstances… 😉

    1. We have to at least try. I am fully aware that the 99.9% likely outcome is I will be stuck in that job until I either retire or collapse behind my desk, but hey, we need to dream right.

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