Sunday Summary 26-10-2014

It is with a heavy heart that I have to admit the week is over. I have been off work all week and have had the best of times. I didn’t check work stuff at all, didn’t even think about the place. It was awesome.

I had a busy week. My wife was in London with a friend of ours for a few days, so it was just me and the kids. We caused some trouble and had  a good time doing it.

We also took the kids to the zoo and to a small theme park, which they all loved. We had won some tickets to both places, which was fantastic because it meant we could have a family day out without breaking the bank.,

One the writing front, I found my mojo again. hold on, let me say that on more time.

I found my mojo again!!!

Thursday was the first day I really had the chance to sit down and write properly, and I churned out 2,000 words. More than I had writen in the two months previously. Then on Friday I sat down and churned out 2,500 words. Another 750 followed in a single Saturday sprint, and I am feeling good. My current novel is around 33,000 words and closing in on the expect 50,000 length.

I even managed to sell a couple of books. I am being literal here. I sold two, but it was better than had been going before, and hopefully this week I can put together a consistent promotion run.

It was a great week for me. Despite work rearing its ugly head again, I intend to make this one a great week too. How did you do last week? What are your goals, for the coming seven days?

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