Keeping up with Amazon

I have been hearing a lot of talk over the last few days concerning Amazon and how they go about helping authors to gain a little extra publicity for their books. The newest trend would appear to be ‘Likes’ on an Author Page. The more likes you have the more Amazon like you. Or something like that.

I have not yet seen anything that officially states this, or unofficially explains the logic behind it, but, who am I to question the Amazon gods.

With that said, I’d love it if you would do a quick, costless ‘one-click’ and give my page a like.

Happy Author

Thank You.


7 thoughts on “Keeping up with Amazon

  1. Amazon is also experimenting by taking away the like button from random people for a short time to see who is popular or something like that. I’ve had some people not be able to like mine, while others have. Should be interesting.

    Already got yours, btw. 🙂

    1. With pleasure. I see you have the new look author page which only sometimes shows the like option. I clicked you as a favourite which is the ‘replacement’ option I do believe. This different layout was one reason I did not want to fully believe the rumours, but it can’t hurt, right 🙂

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