Movie Review: Wrong Turn for all the Right Reasons

We all have movies that we watch again and again. Sometimes it is a single movie, and sometimes it is a franchise. They are our guilty pleasures. Don’t deny it, embrace it… There you go.

For me, one of my biggest guilty pleasures are the Wrong Turn movies. I have seen the first movie at least ten times over the years, yet have never reviewed it. So here goes.

This movie is so bad it is great, so good it becomes bad, and captures everything else in between. It is the perfect mix of slasher horror with that little hint of comedy. Not the slapstick kind that often gets laced into horror movies now days and destroys all of the atmosphere, but the creepy kind of comedy. It is in the situation, in the characters and their surroundings, not in stale one liners or moments of slapstick inspired stupidity.

The movie stars Eliza Dushku, that in itself should be reason enough to press play. She runs, she jumps, so does it all… where was I? Or right, yes, Eliza.

ElizaThe movie also stars Desmond Harrington, who will be familiar to fans of both Dexter and Gossip Girl.

Yes, that is Eliza next to him... I just couldn't help myself.
Yes, that is Eliza next to him… I just couldn’t help myself.

and who could forget these guys.


2980802349_1_5_wbAqY5hgtimthumbThe premise of the film is simple. A group of young adults have blown a tire on a small backwater road. Another similarly young business man (Harrington) crashes his car into their broken down SUV having left the highway to avoid a large traffic jam.

Stranded, they decide to walk for help. It sounds fair, and sensible, but you have clearly forgotten to factor in the hIllbilly cannibals that live in the woods and hunt down anybody who enters their domain. They do this for sport and food, or so it would seem.

What follows next is all standard slasher stuff. Running, fighting, capture, some deaths and bloodshed followed by escape, stand-off and the inevitable fight back.

Yet, in spite of this the film manages to stand out from the crowd. The kills are nice, the characters are good fun and the pacing is well executed. There are now 6 movies in the series, and I plan to watch and or re-watch all of them.

If you want to watch a fun slasher style movie, then Wrong Turn has the right ideas.



4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Wrong Turn for all the Right Reasons

  1. A little piece of trivia you may not know: Julian Richings, who starred as Three Finger, also portrayed Death in 4 episodes of Supernatural in 2010, 2011 and 2013. He was also the first to die in Cube.
    As for Eliza Dushku: Oh. Yeah.

  2. I love this movie, but only saw the second one so far. There’s just something awesome about these that has that 80s slasher feel to it so many other movies miss.

    Not to nitpick, but you could have stopped at Eliza and I would’ve been happy. I’ve had a major crush on her since she first appeared on Buffy. LOL

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