Christmas is Coming and Books Make Great Stocking Fillers.

Christmas is just around the corner, and do you know what makes a great stocking filler? Why books of course. Books are the gift that keep on giving. Hundreds of pages and characters that will stay with you forever. Friendships, love interests and enemies waiting to be to be met.

As it happens, my newest novel Blood of the Tainted is out now in paperback and could be yours in time for the holidays.

Blood of the Tainted ebook cover

Maybe you have already pushed the boat out for the one you love, and ordered them the newest e-reader. Well, what better way to bulk up such a wonderful gift than pre-loaded it with some super scary horror fiction. It’s not just me who would appreciate some holiday season sales, not is it just me and the folks that receive the thoughtful gift. Rather, there is a host of writers that deserve to have their books discovered under the tree on Christmas morning.

Alex Laybourne (Me)

Paul Flewitt

Christopher D Abbott

Michael Bray

Chantal Noordeloos

Eric S Brown

Armand Rosamilia

Mike Trahan

T W Brown

Cp Bialois

Catherine Green

There is no shortage of exciting writers out there, and with the season of giving now upon us, what better time is there to find some new names to adorn the shelves next to your King and Deaver collections.


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