Christmas is Over Now it is Time for New Year

I found this Garfield cartoon online this morning and it really made me smile. GarfliedI love Christmas, form Halloween through to the New Year is one of my favourite times of year. But it always makes me smile to think of the extremes that we all go to for just two days. The whole good will to all men and the whole feeling of happiness that this time of year seems to bring. Would it not be good to keep that rolling the year through? Wishful thinking maybe, and certainly not an original concept, but maybe something that needs mentioning from time to time, as it is so easy to fall out of a good and selfless routine.


I hope you all had a wonderful holidays. I am sure for many the real world returns this coming week. I know it does for me, although a three-day week is a nice way to ease back into it.

It is around this time however, that all thoughts start turning towards the new year. 2015. I mean, it’s crazy right? How can it already be 2015.

The passage of time is a common discussion point around this time of the year, yet this is another thing that seems to have become such a focal point in our lives. January 1st. That is the day for change. We make plans, we stick to them, and then eventually a great number fall by the wayside, but rather than pick them up and move on, we write them off and just try again next year. Because we cannot set new goals for ourselves outside of the January 1st window.

It is strange how these customs become so cemented in our culture that we allow the days to dictate he way we live our lives.  This does not apply to everybody, but enough people for me to notice it year after year.

I do agree, the new year does give a great opportunity for us to plan for things for the coming 12 months. It does not however mean that these plans cannot change, for better or the worse, depending on how things pan out.

I am seeing a lot of people planning what they are going to be releasing in 2015, and it is an idea I think I am going to try to do myself. I have a target set in my mind for what I want to write, and what I want to write each day, so I should be able to get a decent plan in place without too much hassle.

That along with my attempted move to the blog as a means of interaction, something I failed on this year, I do have big plans for 2015, and I hope that I can stick as close to them as possible.



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